Friday, May 24, 2024
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Other Mammals


 The Picos de Europa and Cantabrian mountains are home to a very special selection of European mammals. From the shy and rare Pyrenean desman to equally shy 400lb brown bears, there are some 70 species of notoriously elusive mammals in our area including the Iberian wolf and 21 species of bat.





Radio-collaring Wolves

Following the wolf census and an opinion poll both recently commissioned by the National Park management and carried out by environmental assessment company, Arena, biologists from the same company are now tracking wolves alongside forest wardens, as a continuation of the study, with a view to radio-collaring some individuals.

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Wolf Census

The Picos de Europa is Spain's only National Park that has wolves within its boundaries, although that doesn't mean they're completely protected. This year, as in previous years, a population control will be carried out. At least this year the Park will have a better idea of exactly how many wolves they are dealing with.

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