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Cantabrian Brown Bears

New Bear-Watching Holiday!

New for 2013 - a Cantabrian Brown Bear watching holiday in Somiedo, In Search of the Littlest Grizzly. Led by Teresa Farino and John Muddeman of Iberian Wildlife Tours along with wardens from the Brown Bear Foundation

Cantabrican brown bear foraging for bilberries(Fundación Oso Pardo) who closely monitor the whereabouts of these magnificent plantigrades, the holiday is based in one of the best bear habitats of the Cantabrian mountains. Between dawn and dusk vigils, when the bears are most active, there will also be time to take in the other wonderful flora and fauna of the region.

Visit Iberian Wildlife Tours, Bear Watching Holiday for details and dates of this late-summer holiday. 
(Image ©Fundación Oso Pardo)


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