Friday, May 24, 2024
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Wild Flowers


One of the reasons the Picos de Europa was made a National Park, and more recently a Unesco Biosphere Reserve, is its hay meadows. Flowers abound in these traditionally-managed pockets of colour before they're cut in June. From April/May to September/October botanists can also head higher to the splendours of the alpine pastures and natural rock gardens to find the myriad flowers there among the limestone peaks. Some plants are endemic to the Cantabrian mountains and a few to just the Picos de Europa themselves.

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Guided Wildlife WalksOphrys insectifera
Daily natural history excursions in search of, for example, alpine wildflowers, orchids, birds,
butterflies, chamois........
Led by Teresa Farino.
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In Search of Wild Tulips

It's that time of year again for my annual wild-tulip-in-flower hunt. A very hit and miss affair. Heading over the San Glorio pass we stopped at a favourite small meadow to check out what, if anything after such a hard winter, was flowering.

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Early Spring Flowers

Among this year's abundant flushes of bank-side primroses and cowslips I've found more Angel's tears (Narcissus triandrus spp. triandrus) than ever before. Whether this is due to the tremendous amount of rain/snowfall this past winter or just that I'd never properly looked, I'm not sure. Whatever the reason it's muddy knee time again!

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