Friday, May 24, 2024
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Weather and Snow Reports


This Winter's First Snow

Just a quick pic of the view this morning after 48 hours of precipitacion.

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It snowed pretty much all of last week, down to 500 - 600m,

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Snow Report and Availability, Winter 2011

After 6 weeks of thaw, winter has (thankfully) returned. Not with the usual vengeance that normally follows such balmy winter weather patterns, but temperatures have significantly dropped.

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January Snow

Just thought I'd post some images of the recent snowfalls in the Picos. As with much of Europe we've had heavy snowfalls and below freezing temperatures, something to be expected in the mountains but

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First Snows

With Mike off gallivanting helping a friend out in the French/Swiss Alps for the month, it could be a while before he writes anything here so I'm going to get this blog rolling - and if he doesn't like it he can delete it when he returns!

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